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Maxim CQB Pistol: Gen 6 – PDW Brace for AR15

Perfect for PDW pistols the Maxim Defense Arm Brace gives you the adjustments needed to shoot your AR pistol and makes your pistol more compact for easier transport.

Due to the ATF Ruling Factoring Criteria for Firearms With Attached “Stabilizing Braces” published on 1/31/23, installing a Pistol Stabilizing Brace could cause your firearm to be considered an SBR and become governed by the National Firearms Act.

Contact our Customer Service department at 239-580-7800 or email to discuss your order and/or other options. All Federal, State, and local laws on ownership still apply.

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4 reviews for Maxim CQB Pistol: Gen 6 – PDW Brace for AR15

  1. chad30

    Looking at this for a while because of how badass it looked but held off because of the price and I must say that I am glad I finally got one! Workmanship is flawless, collapses the shortest that I’ve seen yet for a pistol brace & did I mention it looks awesome!! I got this coupled with the JP SCS, with my previous buffer I was still trying to dial in function with my favorite rounds and wasn’t quite there yet so when getting this I was ready to order different springs to tune but the “standard” weight that I chose works absolutely flawlessly with every supersonic and sub round I tried so far! All I can say is that if you’re thinking about it just do it, the best isn’t cheap and you won’t regret it.

  2. gabriel.vonwahl (verified owner)

    Having designed/produced high quality automotive parts I can really appreciate the EXTREME attention to detail in the very well thought out design & execution. This item is a great example of engineering, with user controls which are beyond intuitive. I ordered my brace in Arid color, the cerekote was perfect, fit was exemplary. I’m running the brace with a standard J&P silent spring on an 8″ barreled .458 SOCOM. Zero issues with SBR 350 grain FMJ rounds, cycles like a dream.

    For .458 shooters I can say that Black Butterfly 300 grain composite (polymer & copper) frangible rounds are slightly underpowered yielding unreliable cycling, but this is due to a weak load not the J&P spring. Just be aware of the loads you’re using in testing, the J&P doesn’t like weak loads.

    The .458 is not a gentle round, especially pushing 350 grain projectiles downrange with powder loads adequate to do so. The setup produces an extremely mild and smooth recoil. It is not violent and acquiring the second sight picture is near instantaneous (also utilizing a linear compensator which assists). From a collapsed state, a simple tug on the brace puts everything where I need it and can confidently place lead on target as fast as is allowable based on my skill. The brace is extremely comfortable, and again, I cannot compliment the production process and product execution enough.

    The price is the reflection of a quality item, I would not hesitate to put one of these on every pistol/rifle I build.

  3. usmpshaft

    I’m so happy I made the purchase for this brace, so far so good.

  4. Charles Ballesteros (verified owner)

    Brace with H2 buffer arrived earlier than expected. Last piece I needed for my 10.5” 5.56 build. Brace and pistol tested perfectly.
    A great addition to my PDX.

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