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DSK-D Suppressor

The DS Series is closely related to the DSX. Tough as hell, extremely quiet, and quite possibly the most enjoyable shooting experience you’ve had thanks to the M-Kore™ Technology. The DS is what we recommend when running a 10.3” or longer barrel, no matter what torture you put it through.


  • M-Kore™ Technology
  • Simple 3-piece design
  • 10.3″+
  • Integrated carbon cutters for easy tube cleaning
  • Left-hand threads from core to mount
  • User serviceable
  • Disassembles with common tools
  •  Increase reliability and longevity with host firearms due to low gas blowback and low gain in host weapon cyclic rate compared to other more traditional suppressor designs.
  •  Drops sound to well below hearing-safe levels (specific reduction based on weapon configuration, ammunition, barrel length, and atmospheric conditions). For example, the average measurement per MILSTD-1474D of 134dB on a 10.3” AR-15 chambered in 5.56 measured at the shooter’s left ear.
  • Decreases flash, decreases recoil, and increases accuracy.


  The MSX suppressor line by Maxim Defense is specifically designed to minimize the increase in cyclic rate and gas blowback of a suppressed weapon system.  Primary design features include the significant reduction of sound signature, decreasing flash signature, reduction of recoil, and increased accuracy.
–  Rated for full-auto shooting. The main differences from the DSX are the absence of the secondary tube retention ring and the use of Grade 9 titanium on the tube and mount instead of Grade 5. Grade 5 titanium is much more expensive, and it simply isn’t needed in the DS series.

Technical Specification

Direct thread Only
5.56mm, 7.62mm
1.75” outer diameter
Grade-9 Titanium tube, 17-4 Stainless Steel core
5.86” overall length
Cerakote®, DLC (Diamond-like coating)

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